Audio Collaboration

C3 Concurrent audio conferencing services allows you to connect with geographically dispersed employees, customers, partners and suppliers around the world at a moment’s notice. With important features like security, global conferencing dial-in numbers, teleconferencing, recordings, and in-conference user functionality, audio conferencing has never been easier.

Audio Collaboration Services Benefits

  • Simplicity that comes from click-to-join products in our C3 Now service solutions — applications for your mobile device, desktop and calendar allow you to schedule, join and manage your meetings, regardless of your access platform.
  • Integrated Solutions enable our C3 Web Meeting Collaboration services to integrate with our C3 Now reservation-less access offering, for a complete conferencing experience and added meeting productivity.
  • Expertise of a unique team of customer service and engineers provide 24 x 7 support.
  • Global conferencing dial-in numbers enable worldwide reach, local convenience and unmatched reliability.
  • Intelligent Routing architecture enables re-routing based on a pre-defined feature set, giving you the option of moving from a disaster recovery conferencing strategy to an architecture designed to avoid disaster.

Audio Collaboration Services Details

  • Security features like multi-level passcodes help you maintain chairperson control and conference security.
  • Adaptability, with up to 150-line subscriptions, multiple language prompts, and recording capabilities are available.
  • Single dial-in and flexible access codes support instant, reservation-less conferencing and a consistent user experience.
  • C3 Concurrent’s solutions provide the simplest way to manage and utilize our conferencing services.
  • Conference portal allows you to manage your account options and user information, and leverage tutorials to support improved conference performance.