Web Collaboration

Our easy-to-use web collaboration services include the key features needed for your teams to connect anywhere in the world, enhance their effectiveness, and grow. Whether your team needs to work together to create documents, conduct a web meeting, share a desktop, screen sharing, execute a webinar or show a presentation in a secure and safe environment, we have a web conferencing solution that can meet your collaboration needs and budget requirements. C3 Concurrent’s Web Meeting services makes scheduling and conducting online meetings and webinars as simple as possible.

Web Collaboration Services Benefits

  • Flexibility: Multiple products and services are designed for varied user groups within an organization, including marketing, technical support, and human resources, that allow you to meet on the fly.
  • Easy to use: You can use a simple, point-and-click user interface.
  • Integrated Solutions: Our Collaboration services are integrated for a more complete conferencing experience and added meeting productivity.
  • Simplicity: Get streamlined click-to-join access and applications for mobile devices, desktops and calendars, which allow your employees to schedule, join and manage meetings, regardless of access platform.
  • Expertise: Our unique team of customer service representatives and engineers provide 24 x 7 support.
  • Cost-effective: Enjoy highly competitive rates for recording and web conferencing.

Web Collaboration Services Details

  • Virtual online content sharing allows you to show presentation slides, documents, video clips, desktop, screen sharing and other images to enrich your conference call.
  • Q & A: Manage questions and answers during your meeting.
  • Meeting Management: Handle your meetings with simple online commands.
  • “Firewall proof” options: There’s no need for downloads to start or join online meetings.
  • Record or play back on-demand: On-demand recording features let you save synchronized audio and visual content for playback at your convenience. You can jump to specific slides in the recording with synchronized audio/web playback.
  • Our platform provides a simple way to manage and utilize our conferencing services.
  • Conference portal capabilities allow you to manage your account options and user information, and leverage tutorials to support improved conference performance.